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Hi. Welcome to Video 3, Module 2. My name is Natasha Peppasavas and I'm a Senior Associate at Pearsons Lawyers. If this is your first video, I strongly recommend that you return back to Module 1. Module 1 contains highly important actions that you must take prior to proceeding any further. To do this you need to go to the Pearsons' YouTube channel or to the Pearsons website and follow the links. But if you're ready to go, let's proceed.

In my last video I discussed how to apply for a divorce using a lawyer. In this video I'm going to discuss how to get a divorce using a do-it-yourself divorce kit. It's been more and more popular these days to do one online by yourself. It has it's advantages and disadvantages. To do it online you still need the same requirements. You still need to be separated for 12 months, and you still need to have a marriage certificate, and you still
need to prove to the court that proper arrangements have been made for the children if there are any under the age of 18. You still need to pay the service fee, and the amount will depend on whether you have a concession or if you are on a pension. But it's the same.

The difference is though, is that if you do it yourself, you have to appear and do your own appearance in the Court, which often is daunting for clients and often that's where it gets a bit tricky. Some people come to us when they have got to that stage at the end, where they've done it all themselves but to go into court and do it yourself is quite daunting. Emotionally, it's hard because you are about to apply for a divorce. It's quite final, so the support of a lawyer in this instance is quite satisfying.

But people use the divorce kits because they are quick as in you just do it online, get the hearing date, you just go and you do it. It just happens, whereas with a lawyer it's a bit more emotional. You have a discussion. You talk about different options and if there is property or children involved, it can all be discussed with the lawyer. Whereas if you do it online, going straight into the divorce, filling out the application, you may also encounter service problems.

This is where again, people come back to us because they can't serve their former husband or wife. They person is either being difficult or they don't know where they are. Then, to make these applications to the court to dispensate your service is very difficult if you're doing it by yourself. Again there are pros and cons which you have to weigh up as to which suits you.

Obviously the divorce do-it-yourself divorce kits are very good for people who don't have any kids, or they've had a short marriage, or it's very quick and easy with nothing too much, it's not a big property pool or there's not 100 kids. That's it for this video. If you'd like, you can proceed now to Video 4, Module 2. Bye for now.

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